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Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi is more than a university. It is a place where goals are accomplished and dreams are realized; where instructors become mentors and classmates become lifelong friends. Long after you’ve left the university with the knowledge and preparation needed to make an impact in this world, TAMU-CC will continue to support and shape the world in which we live.

As one of the foremost doctoral research universities in Texas, TAMU-CC is not only leading the nation with advancements in both research and education, it also affords the state economy with an estimated $406.4 million dollars annually. Locally, TAMU-CC also supplements the City of Corpus Christi with an estimated $135.4 million a year which makes our university an important factor in economic development both locally and beyond.

Remembering the grand Islander tradition of holding the team above self for the betterment of all, it is as important as ever to give back to the university which in turn affords us all with so much. By donating to the Islander Alumni Association, you will help increase the organization’s efforts to connect all alumni with their alma mater and have a positive impact on future generations of Islanders for years to come.

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