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Caleb and Alexandra met in the fall of 2011 in Kelly Russell’s Acting 1 class. The two were both cast in the Fall main stage production of the Odyssey. One day after rehearsal Caleb asked Alexandra to join him for Whataburger . Caleb quickly stole Alexandra’s heart with his charm and good taste in Texas fast food. Alexandra had a huge crush on Caleb after that night, and right when she was working up the courage to tell him how she felt, he friend zoned her. Fast forward to the Summer of Caleb and Alexandra’s Sophomore year, or as Alexandra calls it, “the Summer that I defeated the friend zone”. Alexandra was about to go on her second date with a really not so great guy, she confided in Caleb and told him everything. Right as Alexandra was about to leave Caleb stopped her and said, “Don’t go on a date with him”. With a confused reaction Alexandra replied, “Why?” Caleb told her, “Because I think you should let me take you out on a date”. From that moment on Alexandra and Caleb have been together. On December 29th 2017 the two were married in a 1920’s movie theatre among their classmates and family. The two tied the ceremonial knot with rope that was used as a prop in their first TAMU-CC production together, the Odyssey. Currently Alexandra works as an Events Specialist at the University and Caleb is the Theatre Teacher at Moody High School. The two are happily married and it’s all because of the Island University.

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