CASANDRA ’09, ’16 & BRIAN ’09

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CASANDRA ’09, ’16 & BRIAN ’09

It all began in 2005 when Casandra noticed a cute boy sitting across the large lecture hall during freshman biology class. It turned out that Brian and Casandra were in the same learning community and had all of the same classes! They became friends soon after meeting in freshman seminar and have been inseparable ever since. Casandra and Brian have fond memories of going camping with the Field Science Club and volunteering at the Animal Rehabilitation Keep with the Tri-Beta Biological Honor Society. They both graduated in 2009 with their bachelor’s of science degrees. Two years later, Brian surprised Casandra with a sunset walk on the University Beach, even though she was tired and reluctant to go. As the sun set, Brian got down on his knee and proposed. They were married in San Antonio in 2012 among their friends and family. Brian and Casandra are now both employed by the University and are the proud parents of a yellow lab named Amber and a perky pug named Sir Alex. They think fondly on all of the great memories they built at the Island University and are happy that it helped bring them together.

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