DEANNE ’86 & BILL ’86

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DEANNE ’86 & BILL ’86

Deanne and Bill’s love story began when they met at a high school talent competition. Deanne, who is a proud Flour Bluff Hornet, and Bill, who had recently moved to the area, hit it off immediately. In order to stay together, they decided to attend Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi for college. While at the Island University, Deanne pursued a degree in elementary education while Bill pursued a degree in occupational education. They even graduated the same year, 1986. According to Deanne, her most memorable experience at the University happened on April 14, 1986, the day Bill asked her to meet him at the bench right outside the Center for the Sciences building. When Bill arrived, he was carrying a half-a-dozen red roses. He then got down on one knee and handed them to Deanne one at a time as he said, “I love you massively big time much!” He then took back the last rose, reached inside it and pulled out a beautiful engagement ring.

Deanne and Bill now have two sons, Blake (economics) and Dallas (management information systems), who are also proud Islanders. Upon family visits to the University, the Purcells make a point to stop by the special bench where they got engaged. Both Deanne and Bill think fondly on their time at the University and believe that it is a unique and special campus that has made them feel proud as well as accomplished.

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