EVAN ’15 ’18 & CANDACE ’16

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EVAN ’15 ’18 & CANDACE ’16

Evan and Candace met his junior year, her freshman, through a mutual friend. He majored in Biology while she majored in Nursing. They spent a number of evenings walking around campus disclosing every trivial and intimate detail of their lives to that point. Their first kiss was at a gazebo along the trails past all of the apartments on campus. After two years of dating, they got their first dog and moved into their own apartment together. Both would go on to change their majors to Psychology, in which they shared many classes. They both worked at the Dugan Wellness Center as attendants, camp counselors, and supervisors. Each would work in the Psychology department as well, Candace as a grader and Evan as a research assistant. After finishing their respective Bachelor’s degrees, they were each accepted into Master’s programs at TAMU-CC, Evan in Clinical Psychology and Candace in Counseling. After his first semester, Evan took Candace back to the gazebo where they first kissed and asked for her hand in marriage. She said “Of course”. Now, as they continue pursuing their Master’s degrees, with over five years of challenges and adoration preceding them, the future is full of promise.

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