JAKE ’10 & BRANDY ’10

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JAKE ’10 & BRANDY ’10

Jake and Brandy met on-stage in the Warren Theater at TAMU-CC while they were both auditioning for the play “1940’s Radio Hour”. The year was 2008. Jake had been at Texas A&M-Corpus Christi for one year, while this was Brandy’s first show to audition for. Jake was cast as the character BJ, and the director, Don Luna, asked him to stand next to 5 girls who could potentially play his girlfriend, Connie. Brandy was the 3rd girl in the lineup. When Jake stood next to Brandy, she wrapped her arm around Jake’s side. Their eyes met and Jake said, “I like this one”. Jake and Brandy were cast together as boyfriend and girlfriend. The couple started dating soon after, and were married in 2012. For the couple’s first dance, Brandy and Jake performed their dance routine from “1940’s Radio Hour” that they choreographed to the song “How About You”. “How About You” was the duet that Jake and Brandy performed and it has served as the couple’s song ever since. The happily married couple have two sons, with a 3rd on the way in December of 2017.

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