STACY ’99 & JEFF ’97

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STACY ’99 & JEFF ’97

Jeff and Stacy met on the softball field. According to Jeff, Stacy was playing her “gold glove” in right field and talking to people in the stands. Softball obviously didn’t keep her attention – and she eventually caught his. At the time, she was a student employee for Rec Sports, and he was a transfer student that spring. Friends kept trying to set-up on a date, as they had no classes together. Eventually, they they took time for a date after a work-shift and a pick-up basketball game. They both continue to remain active in college life today. Jeff works full-time in Student Services and Stacy teaches as an Adjunct Professor in Psychology. They contribute their successful life to all the time spent as student employees in Rec Sports – lots of playing, lots of work, and a great group of friends we are still in touch with.
From Texas, they eventually moved to Colorado, then to Stacy’s hometown of Superior, Wisconsin for work opportunities. They are now settled in Durango, Colorado where they work, play, and hang with their three children (16, 14, & 12 years). They will be celebrating our 20 year wedding anniversary in the winter of 2017.

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