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Our staff at the Islander Alumni Association wants to make ordering an Islander Ring as easy as possible. For your convenience, we’ve assembled a list of common questions many Islanders often have while order there ring?

Have a different question? Email us, call us at 361.825.5787, or simply ask your question using the chat platform in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen!


Why should I order a ring?

The Islander Ring is a milestone of the TAMU-CC student experience. As one of the top Ring Traditions in Texas, it reminds you of your commitment to the Islander University, participation in campus traditions, and personal success through academic achievements. From palm tree-lined pathways and hibiscus flowers, to the thrill of last-second win at an Islanders game, the Islander Ring has been and will continue to be a permanent connection to the past, present, and future of all TAMU-CC students and Alumni.

How many credit hours do I need to order a ring?

Undergraduates with 75 or more completed credit hours (at least 25 at TAMU-CC) are eligible to order an Islander Ring. Graduate students need 25 or more completed hours to qualify. This information is available via your SAIL account or by contacting the Registrar’s Office.

I am transferring from another school, but I want an Islander ring. Can I get one? How many hours do I need at A&M-CC to qualify?

Yes! Transfer students are required to have at least 25 hours completed at TAMU-CC.

If I graduated years ago, but now have the funds to buy an Islander ring can I get one?

Absolutely. You can order your ring by visiting the Alumni Welcome Center or by visiting  


When is the best time to order an Islander Ring?

The easiest and best time is during Islander Ring Week. Ring Week typically falls near the start of the Fall and Spring semesters. Balfour Representatives will be on campus to assist with orders and our Alumni Association will be there offering additional opportunities to answer all of your questions.

If I’m not comfortable with ordering in-person can I do it online or over the phone?

Absolutely. To order online visit You can also speak with a Balfour Representatives directly at 1.800.BALFOUR (225.3687).

Can I still order after the ring ceremony deadline?

Yes! You can order your ring at anytime by visiting If you miss a Ring Ceremony Deadline, we invite you to take part in any future ceremony once you have your ring! Simply contact us at to let us know you’re interested.

What if I don’t know my ring size?

We’ve made it easy to size your ring. Download the ring size guide by clicking here. Balfour Representatives will be on-campus to assist with ring sizes the week of Ring Week Sales.

Your finger can also be sized at any jewelry store in your area.

How much do ring costs?

Each Islander has the ability to customize their own ring, including the selection of a precious metal and even a stone. As of November 2022, Islander Rings begin at $550.00.

Are there payment plan options?

Balfour offers three-month flexible payments. Purchasers will be given this option at check-out.


What does the ring look like?

Your Islander Ring will come with your grad year, the official Alumni seal, your degree, the University Banner, the Island sunrise, the year the University was established as the University of Corpus Christi, and the university seal. Get a closer look at the ring below.

Can I get a customize my ring with a different side?

Designs are limited to the Tradition and Legend rings so the entire Islander Family can be unified through the one Official Islander Ring. However, each ring can be customized with your Graduation Year, Degree and a custom engraving on the inside of your ring.

What do the symbols on the Ring mean?

ALUMNI SEAL – This image of palm trees in the reflecting pool, symbolizes the view looking back at the Island as an alum and the connection you have forever to TAMUC-CC.
UNIVERSITY SEAL – This seal incorporates the University name, wrapped around a star, symbol of the state of Texas, and a gull, representing the University’s storied past. The olive branches signify accomplishment of higher education. The founding year proudly sits at the bottom of the crest.
BANNER – Represents the University mascot, and that once you attend TAMU-CC, a part of the Island will stay with you forever.
ISLAND SUNRISE – The sunrise looking out from the Island symbolizes your future ahead, and everything you have to achieve.
1947 – The year the University was established as the University of Corpus Christi

What kind of metal can we choose for our Islander Ring?

Rings are available in Celestrium, Argentium, as well as White Gold and Yellow Gold in 10K, 14K and 18K, with your choice of Metal Finish Antique or Natural.

What’s the difference between 10K Gold and 14K Gold?

The karat number of your jewelry indicates what proportion of it is made up of gold. Thus, the most fundamental difference between 10K, 14K and 18K gold is in the amount of gold content.

What is the Antique Finish?

Each Islander Ring comes with an antique or natural finish. An antique finish is dark background placed in the grooves of your ring that adds highlights to capture the ring’s detail.

Can I order a ring from a different company?

Texas A&M-Corpus Christi and the Islander Alumni Association has had an exclusive contract with our friends at Balfour for over 20 years. Therefore, rings by other companies with licensed logos, names, designs and trademarked will not be approved .


What is the Islander Ring Ceremony?

The Islander Ring Ceremony is the event where students receive their Islander Ring! It has become one of TAMU-CC’s most popular and cerebrated traditions, with over 800 participants each year. Wearers of the Islander Ring are recognized alongside their family and friends before taking part in the Ring Wish!

Is there a deadline to participate in the Islander Ring Ceremony?

RSVP information will be made available roughly one month prior to the Ring Ceremony. Recipients are REQUIRED to register at least one (1) week prior to the event.

What do I need to do to participate?

If you purchased your Islander Ring prior to deadline, just wait to hear from us! RSVP information will be sent to the email address listed on the order roughly one month prior to the Ceremony. Please check your junk mail folders. The email will come from the Islander Alumni Association. This will provide details of what you need to do to reserve your spot. If you’re already in possession of your Ring, please email us at

Please note, you must have one of the four official Islander Ring designs in order to participate in the Islander Ring Ceremony.

If I received my official Islander Ring in another semester and want to participate, can I?

Absolutely! if you wish to take place in our Ring Ceremony and missed a previous opportunity to do, please email us and we will provide further instruction on how to RSVP.

What happens if the ring doesn’t fit after I order it?

Changes in weather and physical activity affect your finger size, so we recommend wearing it for a few days before considering any changes in ring size. The ring itself should pull slightly at the knuckle, however, it should also be a comfortable fit for you! If you still feel you require a different size, Balfour will be happy to resize your ring. Warranty information is available in your Islander Ring Box, or by calling 1.800.BALFOUR.

Can I get a ring and not participate in Ring Ceremony?

Absolutely. Should you not take part in the Ring Ceremony, rings will be available for pick-up at the Lee Welcome Center (6129 Ennis Joslin Road) the Monday following each Ring Ceremony. Recipients will be required to have a form of photo identification when picking-up their ring.

Should you change your mind, you can also participate in any future Ring Ceremony of your choice!

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