In the early days of our university, an anchor was left on campus by the U.S. Navy. It was dedicated to the freshman class by the first President, R. M. Cavness. Each year, the freshman were responsible for maintaining the anchor, carrying it to sporting events, and guarding it against rivals. During a series of pranks with rival universities in the 1960’s, the plaque was taken and the anchor was disposed of. More than 40 years later, the plaque was returned to Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi as dictated by the will of the person who had been in possession of it for nearly half a century.

A second anchor was placed on campus during Homecoming Week on February 27, 2015 at the request of students and alumni. Special guests at the Anchor Dedication Ceremony included the Student Government Association President and Gary Cotter, a 1970 alumnus of the University of Corpus Christi. The anchor and original plaque are now displayed in the University Center plaza.

“This anchor is a symbol of the attachment that students and alumni have to the Island University as their alma mater,” said Cotter. “May the renewed presence of the anchor here on campus serve as a lasting reminder that all of us who have come to this island as a place of learning are bound for life to the University in a special way.”

When upright, the Anchor stands at 13 feet tall and weighs 5,500 pounds; its estimated cost for the complete anchor display was $9,500. On the base of the anchor, you will find the original plaque and a new one that details its history. The National Alumni Association looks forward to new traditions that will bring awareness to the anchor and its historical significance to the university.

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