The Story of Skinny Izzy

It was a beautiful spring morning at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, and Izzy the Islander was looking forward to enjoying every moment of it. When Izzy is not at an athletics event or in class, his favorite thing to do is to go surfing.

It was a bright and shining morning just like any other, Izzy and his friends were all catching some great waves. Izzy was captivated by the island’s beauty when he noticed the biggest wave he had seen in a long time! He began riding the monstrous wave and was so excited that he hadn’t noticed the boat that he was heading straight towards! He hit the boat with a SMACK!

Izzy was washed up on the shore by the incoming waves. He pushed himself up from the sand, ready to give it another islander try, when he noticed his shadow looked a bit odd. Izzy looked to his right, then to his left, trying to figure out why his shadow seemed so strange. That was when Izzy noticed, he was SKINNY! He realized it must have happened when he accidentally ran into the boat while surfing. Izzy was beginning to get a little worried and was not sure what to do.  So, he began to think really hard about who has always been there to help him, “My teachers!” he exclaimed.

With this thought, Izzy ran over to the Education building as fast as possible and found the first teacher he saw. The teacher knew exactly what to do, so she took Izzy straight to a nursing class so he could be checked out.

When they got to the nursing building, the skilled staff rushed to find out if Izzy was going to be okay. After all their tests and examinations, they diagnosed that he was completely fine. Izzy felt a wave of relief wash over him and decided to embrace his new look. Izzy thanked the nursing students for all their help and rushed off to catch the basketball game.

It was a close game and every time the Islanders scored, the competitor was right on their trail. It was down to the last two minutes and the score was tied. An Islander player saw an opening and took it; landing a huge slam-dunk and shattering the backboard into a thousand pieces. The University did not have a replacement, so the referees announced they were going to have to cancel the game. The fans and students all began to pack up their stuff to leave when an amazing idea came to Izzy!  He climbed up the goal post and hung on tight so he could

act as the team’s backboard so the game could finish. Just as the buzzer sounded, an Islander player released the game-winning shot. The crowd went wild for Izzy and the Islanders.

Some theater students had seen Izzy save the day for the basketball game and were so impressed that they asked him to be part of that evening’s performance with the Islander Improv group.  Izzy had a great time pretending to be a stop sign, a billboard, and even a cardboard cutout.  He really enjoyed performing for the audience and trying something new.

Finally, Izzy’s day was done and he realized how tired he was, so he started walking back to his residence hall when he heard yelling.  Izzy looked all around when he finally noticed the group of sciences students stuck in a broken down boat in the bay.  Izzy grabbed his surfboard and jumped out into the water.  He paddled over to the boat and was greeted with sighs of relief. The students were so happy that someone had come to help! Izzy wasn’t sure what was wrong with the boat’s engine, but he had an idea!  Izzy decided that he could be the sail for the boat!  He climbed up the mast and was caught by the wind, just like a kite.  He managed to sail the boat all the way back to campus. Everyone jumps off relieved and began thanking Izzy for all his help!

The next day, Izzy was so excited about all the new adventures he had, that he decided to share them with his marketing professor.  After hearing about all the amazing feats and exciting stories that Izzy had to share, the professor said that Izzy had to share his story with the world!  He helped Izzy share his story with you and get the word out about the Island University.

Izzy still loves traveling and going on new adventures, so please color Izzy, cut him out and take him with you to interesting places and on new adventures!

Send in your pictures with Izzy the Islander to to have your pictures posted and receive a special note from Izzy! 

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