7pm- 10pm

Paperwork & Entry Fee due by
Friday, September 29, 2017
(or until group capacity OF 10 is reached)


Entertainment Value: 25 points
Is designed to provide an overall estimation of an act. Audience response and the general showmanship of performers are two major contributing factors in this category.

Musical Quality: 25 points
Refers to the music rendered by participating group members. This category is included to evaluate the quality of singing done by soloists, ensembles, and large groups or the quality of song editing.

Creativity: 25 points
Evaluates a group’s decisions concerning costuming, props, special effects, and lighting design.

Choreography: 25 points
Is defined as any movement, whether dance or otherwise, designed to enhance the performance.

Theme: 25 points
Use and interpretation of the theme.

1. All participants must have full-time student status as stated in the student handbook and have a current and cumulative minimum grade point average of 2.0. Graduating seniors who are taking less than a full academic load because additional hours are not required for graduation are allowed to participate in Islander Revue. Participants include anyone assisting with the performance (chorographers, directors, performers, crew, stage managers, etc.).

2. Any individual student may perform in or direct only one Islander Revue act per year. Any Student Foundation Association Members will not be allowed to participate in Islander Revue.

3. All practices and rehearsals will be closed. Any persons not participating in the performance will not be allowed on stage, in the wings, or in the auditorium during rehearsals.

4. Organizations are prohibited from combining together for Islander Revue.

5. Acts performing in Islander Revue will not present their act as part of or scenes from any production. If the act is performed in any other production, prize money will be forfeited and the group will be disqualified from participating in the following year’s Islander Revue production.

6. Songs from previous Islander Revues can be used in the performances, but repeat themes, choreography, acts, or manners which the song is used are prohibited.

7. Groups are limited to 10 individual songs.

8. Groups are not allowed to perform with more than 25 individuals.

9. Before the final dress rehearsal, the President of Student Foundation, Islander Revue Chair, and Director of Engagement will approve all costuming, choreography, and musical selections.

10. A representative from each group must meet with PAC staff and Student Foundation Association to discuss technical specifications for their group performance. Time and location will be determined at a later date.

11. After confirmations are made, any changes, additions, or deletions in regard to songs, costumes and participants are to be submitted in a written form or email to the Islander Revue chair.

1. ALL registration forms, registration fees and changes are to be made directly to the Student Foundation Office on the second floor of the Woo Sung Lee Alumni Welcome Center at 6129 Ennis Joslin.

2. Song selection will be determined on a first-come, first-serve basis based on the order of song lists received. Please note, songs do not need to be turned in at the time of registration, but a list must be received by October 6th.

3. If registration forms and fees are not turned in by the deadline, your organization will not be allowed to participate in the Islander Revue for that year. Teams not paid by Friday, September 29, 2017 will be removed from competition. If a team should drop out of Islander Revue, that team will not receive a refund of their registration fee. Any organizations who drop-out of competition after October 14th will be subject to a $200 cancellation fee.

    1. Islander Revue Rules and Procedures will be determined by the President of Student Foundation Association, the Islander Revue Chair, the Director of Engagement, and the Vice President of Institutional Advancement.
    2. The President of the Student Foundation and/or the Islander Revue Chair will observe all meetings and will serve as a liaison for the student organizations participating in Islander Revue.
    3. The President of the Student Foundation and the Islander Revue Chair will oversee the process of Islander Revue preparation and performance.
    4. Process of Appeal:

a. Any group participating in Islander Revue may appeal any decision related to these rules and conflicts to the Rules and Regulations Committee. Only the contact person from each organization will handle any appeals.
b. A written statement of grievance will be presented through the Student Foundation President or Islander Revue Chair.
c. The group requesting the appeal will be represented by its contact person, President of the organization if the person is not the same as the contact, and up to three members who are participating in Islander Revue and who have something to contribute to the matter at hand.
d. The group about which the complaint is being made shall be represented by its contact person, President of the organization, if it is not the same as the contact, and up to three additional group members who have something to contribute to the matter at hand. (The two groups will not confront each other for any reason)
e. The ruling should be considered final, although this does not exempt any administrative intervention if the need arises.

5. Any persons or organizations that violate or damage the PAC or University property are subject to penalties as deemed by policies of Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi.

1. Dress Rehearsal:

a. Each act will be allowed equal time in practice rooms and stage rehearsals that are provided by the Islander Revue Committee on the Texas A&M University–Corpus Christi campus.
b. Each group must attend the following:

1-Hour General Rehearsal – October 30th or November 1st
30 Minute Tech Rehearsal – November 2nd
Dress Rehearsal – November 3rd

2. Lighting

a. Each group will be allowed:

i. Basic color spectrum lighting
ii. Limited targeted lighting

3. Sound

a. Each group will be allowed:

i. Six (6) wireless microphones
ii. Pre-recorded audio to play (music, etc.) must be received by Friday, October 29th. Preferred audio file is a WAV
iii. All songs must meet the requirement for the given year’s theme
(1) For 2017, the theme is “Remix.” You can use any song, however, it must be a remixed or mashed-up version. Professional or amateur version of songs may be used.

4. All organizations will email a copy of their script sheets and light cues to by Tuesday, October 26th.

Script Sheets must be:

a. Double spaced in 14 point font
b. Typed out as music is phrased, not as text
c. Include spaces for large music breaks
d. Have all of the correct and complete lyrics
e. Have all correct lighting directions
f. Have all correct musical cues and directions
g. No changes will be allowed after the October 26th, 2016 deadline for any reason.

1. General:

a. During the performances, assessment will be made by five different judges.

2. The numeric evaluation for each act as determined by the judges will remain confidential.

3. In the selection of judges, every effort will be made to secure a group that evenly represents:

a. Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi
b. The Islander Alumni Association Board Member
c. Corpus Christi Community
d. Television, Radio or Film Representative
e. TAMU-CC Supporter or Alumni

4. Scoring:

a. The maximum score given by each judge will be 125 points.
b. In determining the final score attained by each group, all judges’ sheets for that organization will be totaled to make an overall rate.
c. During the Islander Revue performance, score sheets will be collected after each performance and tallied during the following performance by Student Foundation Association members.
d. When the results have been established, they will be sealed in an envelope and delivered to the Emcee for an announcement of the prizes.
e. Three individuals from each group will represent a given organization on stage.
f. The winners will be announced in the order of 5th place to 1st place with the organization’s name.
g. Total scores of all acts will not be publicly released at any time.

1st Place; $1,000.00
2nd Place; $500.00
3rd Place; $250.00
4th Place; $100.00
5th Place; $75.00
6th to 10th Place; $25.00

People’s Choice; $250.00

1. General Information:

a. This information should be viewed as a guideline to rule enforcement as specific circumstances may dictate alternative action.
b. Penalties for infractions not specifically listed will be assessed by the Islander Revue Rules and Procedures Committee.

2. Penalties/ Violations Defined:

a. Failure to meet for scheduled rehearsals resulting in re-scheduling will result in:

i. 1st offense: Organization will lose 10 points from their overall score.
ii. 2nd offense: Financial penalty of a portion of prize money to cover expenses for additional Performing Arts staff hours and will also lose 10 points from their overall score.

3. Violations of the Islander Revue rules and technical regulations will result in a range of penalties. Penalties will range from point loss, to immediate disqualification, to next year disqualification.

4. While it is beyond the scope of these rules and regulations to cover all possible infractions, the following list of penalties will allow the organizations to become familiar with the range of penalties for various areas:

a. Act length: 1 point over per second from the total score (60 seconds over lose 60 points.)
b. Any type of deviation in a group’s performance from the final dress rehearsal will result in point loss at the discretion of the Islander Revue committee up to 100 points loss from their overall score.
c. Performances that are deemed inappropriate for the audience: immediate removal and disqualification during the performance.

1. All rules, regulations, and policies are subject to change at any time by the Student Foundation Association and its advisors.

2. If any concerns or questions should arise, the President of the Student Foundation will call a meeting of the Islander Revue rules and procedures committee.

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